Second Hand Rose Consignment Shops

Stop Paying Storage Fees

Does your house seem to be getting smaller? Or are you tired of paying for a storage unit that you cannot even remember the last time you went to? Second Hand Rose is the solution to your space problem.

People are always looking for used items to purchase. With the economy today the first place they look is in resale shops. Second Hand Rose specializes in selling your items in a way that makes your them stand out from the rest. With Second Hand Rose’s creative touch, knowledgeable staff and professional looking stores you will be able to sell your items in no time. So not only will you be getting your space back, but you will be getting money in your pocket as well. And lets face it, in these hard times who couldn’t use a little extra cash?

We can help....

  • Pricing Help!
It does not matter how many people are interested in your item if it is priced wrong. Second Hand Rose will help you decide the right price to ask for your item by comparing it to similar items sold online or in stores. In some cases this feature alone will pay for Second Hand Rose’s service!
  • The Consignment Leader! Second Hand Rose's vast customer base will help sell your item faster. With over 35 years experience, we are hands down the largest (and voted the best) consignment chain in the tri-state.
  • Free Pickup!
We will even pick your items up from the storage unit. No charge. We work hard so you don't have too!

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