Second Hand Rose Consignment Shops
Children's Store Information

Location of the New Store

Our Kids and More Store is located next to Pollocks Jeweler's at 925 Winchester Ave. in the old Verizon/Alltel building. The stores phone number is 606-324-0350.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you open the new children's store?
Our store is now open and taking clothes, furniture and toys. Store hours are Mon-Sat from 10AM - 6PM.
When are the take-in days?
Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10AM - 5PM.
I have a lot of children's clothes to bring in. Where do I take the clothes now?
You can take all your childs clothing to our kids store located at 925 Winchester Ave in Ashland.
Where will cribs and toys go?
They should go to our kids store.
What happens to my clothes when the new store opens?
They have been transfered to the kids store and will be sold there.
Where do I pick up my money for my children's items that were sold?
Our stores are like bank branches, you can pick up your money earned from any and all stores at any of our locations.